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If you’re headed to the store, don’t forget to buy cleaning tools for your smile. Having all the tools you need can help you properly care for your teeth, gums, and entire oral health. To help you know which oral hygiene instruments to purchase, Dr. Jorge de la Osa is happy to give you a shopping list for your smile.

The first product you should buy is a toothbrush. It’s best to buy a toothbrush with soft bristles and a smaller toothbrush head. The soft bristles will clean your teeth and also care for your gums. The small head will help you fit the brush in your mouth. It can also help you clean each tooth individually.

The second product you should buy is toothpaste. It’s best to buy toothpaste that has fluoride. This is because your teeth need fluoride each day. The fluoride can strengthen and nourish your teeth and help them fight tooth decay and enamel erosion.

The third product you should buy is floss. There are different types of floss, and each one can clean the crevices of your teeth. So it’s best to find out which flossing product you prefer. Then feel free to use that product once every day.

The fourth product you should buy is mouthwash. It’s best to buy mouthwash that is antibacterial so it kills the harmful bacteria in your mouth. It’s also best to buy mouthwash that has fluoride. As long as the mouthwash can strengthen your teeth and help you avoid plaque growth and tooth decay, you’ll be on the right track.

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