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Tooth extraction, occasionally known as oral extraction, is the extraction of a tooth or teeth from the bone socket. Removing teeth is not the first step we undergo, but depending on the tooth’s condition, it might be required. Once a tooth has become damaged by too much decay for crowns or fillings to repair or once a tooth is far too loose to repair with bone grafting, it might need to be removed.

We know that it’s never fun to hear that a tooth needs to be removed, so we’ve amassed the following list to help you know some of the additional reasons why teeth are removed.

-Orthodontics: The goal of orthodontics is to straighten the teeth within your oral cavity, and if a tooth is in the way of another tooth that needs moving or too big for your oral cavity, it may require pulling.

-Risk of infection: If you’re undergoing any sort of treatment that requires suppression of the immune system, such as cancer or an organ transplant, pulling a tooth or teeth can help prevent infection — both for your teeth and the remainder of your body.
-Baby Teeth/Wisdom Teeth: Likely the easiest reason to accept for tooth removal is lingering teeth that haven’t removed themselves as they should have, such as baby teeth and wisdom teeth. In this case, we’ll be helping them move along so that they make room for new teeth or don’t end up causing you to suffer from needless pain.

If you’re anxious about tooth extraction, remember: brushing and flossing your teeth and gums daily and visiting your dentist often are the best ways to prevent damaged teeth. Please schedule your next appointment with our Commerce, California, office now by calling 323.266.2120. Dr. Jorge de la Osa and the team of Sunshine Dental Group will be happy to see you.