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Braces can be a bit tricky at times, especially while playing sports, but we are happy to help you feel more comfortable about playing sports with braces!

Can I still play sports if I have braces?
This question is important for children and teens, but it is also important for adults. Sports are a big part of many people’s lives, and we are not here to take that away from you. We are here to give you the smile you love, and you are more than welcome to play sports throughout the process. So the answer to your question is yes. You can definitely participate in sports while you have braces, and there is no need to worry—the braces will not get in your way.

How do I protect my smile?
As you play sports, there is a high chance that hard, forceful objects will hit your mouth. In order to protect your smile from these objects, we strongly recommend wearing a mouth guard. No matter what sports you play, orthodontic mouth guards will protect your smile and keep your braces in a top-notch condition.

What is an orthodontic mouth guard?
An orthodontic mouth guard is a small, removable, and portable appliance that can be made of silicone, rubber, and other protective materials. A mouth guard fits tightly over your teeth and your braces, giving you the protection you need when the sports balls, elbows, and knees hit your mouth. If you are interested in using a mouth guard, there are many types of mouth guards you can choose from, including boil-and-bite, custom, and stock mouth guards. However, if you want a mouth guard made specifically for you, call our office today and talk to your orthodontist. We are happy to give you the best mouth guard for your smile.

What should I do if I injure my mouth while playing sports?
If you injure your mouth or if you experience an emergency or trauma, call our office and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. We are here to help you in any way we can, no matter the situation. To prevent injury, we strongly recommend wearing a mouth guard. If you do not, your gums can bleed, the inside of your cheeks can get cut up, your brackets can break, and your teeth can fracture, which can create extreme pain and discomfort.

For more tips about playing sports with braces, we invite you to call our office today and talk to your orthodontist. We are more than happy to help you!