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Your braces represent a serious investment in improving the cosmetic appearance and function of your mouth. When something breaks, comes loose or comes out of alignment it has the potential to increase the total time required to reach the ideal alignment. If you do have something break or come loose, try to call us as soon as possible so we can advise you on how to remedy it or schedule an appointment.

When you first got your braces your orthodontist gave you a special wax. This can help you in a couple of different situations so try to keep it in a convenient location.

The metal brackets are attached to each tooth using a resin based adhesive. If a bracket comes loose and is poking into your cheek or gums you can secure it inside the wax. If a wire breaks in a way that is stabbing into your cheek you can also cover the tip in the wax to prevent injury.

It’s not uncommon for spacers can sometimes fall out. This is especially true if you are due for a new one in an upcoming adjustment. If one of the metal bands or spacers comes loose don’t try to put it back on. Call us as soon as possible and we’ll be able to determine if it needs to be cemented back on immediately or if it can wait until your next adjustment appointment.

If you have something broken on your braces please call us at 323.266.2120 to schedule an appointment.