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If you have a tooth that has sustained a significant amount of decay or damage, you may need to have a dental crown to restore its health and function. If the tooth in question is one of your back molars, we might recommend that you get a zirconia crown. This relatively new restoration may be rising in popularity due to its strength and durability.

Zirconia has been used in many products ranging from electrical fixtures to dinnerware and is classified as a member of the titanium family. Your back molars can use this metal’s inherent hardiness for grinding and chewing food. And, this kind of crown can have the added benefit of looking like a porcelain crown while giving the strength of a metal one.

-It might not allow light to shine through, which may lessen its realistic look.
-If it isn’t adjusted and evened out correctly, the crown could accelerate the wear on your opposing teeth.

-The material can be bonded or cemented to your tooth.
-They are extremely strong, and your tooth may need less preparation.
-Dr. Jorge de la Osa can layer it with porcelain, which can improve its aesthetic appearance.
-Zirconia is biocompatible, which means you may not have any adverse reactions from it.

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