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Brushing your teeth when you have braces can be a difficult and complicated task, but we are here to help make it a bit easier!

Oral hygiene is very important when you have braces, so please make sure to brush at least twice a day, if not more. If you don’t brush frequently, food particles and plaque will build up in the spaces between your teeth and appliance and they will create tooth decay as well as develop gum disease. So, to properly clean your smile, we encourage you to do the following:

Prepare to brush: Before you brush, remove the elastics and any other removable parts off your appliance.

Clean your braces: Hold your brush at a 45-degree angle and clean around the brackets, wires, and pins of your braces. Do your best to remove any food particles that are stuck.

Brush your teeth: Continue holding your brush at a 45-degree angle and brush each tooth individually. Place your brush in the space between the wire and the gums and scrub the tooth for about 10 seconds. When you are finished, clean the rest of the tooth as well as the additional teeth in your smile.

In addition to brushing, we also recommend flossing and rinsing. Flossing is a very beneficial task that deeply cleans the hard-to-reach areas of your smile and removes plaque from between your teeth. If possible, floss your teeth after each snack and meal. Rinsing is also very beneficial because it strengthens and nourishes your smile. Simply sip a small amount of mouthwash into your mouth and swish it around for 30-40 seconds, or however long the mouthwash label suggests. When the time is up, spit the liquid into the sink.

If you would like to know more about oral hygiene and braces, call our office today and talk to a member of our friendly orthodontic team. We look forward to helping you achieve your smile goals!