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Retainers are strong, reliable appliances that keep your smile in tip-top shape once you’ve completed your orthodontic treatment. Now, because your appliance takes such great care of you, it’s only fair to take great care of it, right? So, to help you properly care for your orthodontic retainer, our Sunshine Dental Group team recommends doing the following things:

Properly store your retainer
Unfortunately, it’s very easy to misplace retainers, which can be extremely inconvenient and also expensive. However, if you properly store your appliance, your chances of losing it are reduced. So, please remember to put your appliance in its container immediately after you’ve taken it out of your mouth. Then, make sure the container is in a safe place. Whatever you do, do not put the appliance in a hot environment.

Clean your retainer
It’s best to clean your retainer once a day. If that’s not possible, please try to clean it at least once a week. You can clean your appliance by soaking it in denture cleaner and warm water. Simply soak it in this liquid for the recommended amount of time and remember to rinse it off before you put it back in your mouth.

Your orthodontist, Dr. Jorge de la Osa, and our entire team want you to have the best orthodontic experience possible, which is why we encourage you to call 323.266.2120 and schedule an appointment if you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about retainer care in Commerce, California. The more you know about retainer care, the better off your appliance and smile will be! We look forward to talking with you.