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The proper cleaning of your gum line requires you brushing the area in small circle motions to clean off food particles. In order to best clean the sides in between your teeth, hold the brush at an angle. Be sure to thoroughly brush all the sides, front, back, and surface areas of your teeth and molars. Be sure to brush the tongue and roof of the mouth. You should also use a tongue scraper when finished.

To keep clean of plaque and food particles, you should brush two to four times per day.

– Brush after breakfast
– Brush after lunch, school, or work
– Brush after dinner
– Brush before bedtime

Replace your toothbrush when its bristles begin to fray. Store your toothbrush after use in an upright container to dry to keep it free of mold and bacteria. Clean your toothbrush by either using antiseptic mouthwash, placing it in the dishwasher, or submerging in boiling water.

Daily flossing your teeth helps prevent plaque buildup and keeps your gums healthy. To floss, simply tie both ends around your middle fingers, guiding the floss between each tooth and form a C shape around each side of the tooth. Be sure to floss down to the gum line. Your gums may bleed the first few times, but this will stop after a few days.

For more information and brushing and flossing, feel free to contact Dr. Jorge de la Osa at Sunshine Dental Group in Commerce, California today.