Fill in the gap in your grin with a dental bridge.

woman smiling with her hand in her hairAt Sunshine Dental Group we have several solutions for replacing missing teeth. When people think about restoring lost teeth, they may think of traditional dentures, although dental implants are becoming increasingly popular. But not everyone wants the hardware that comes with dentures and may not want to take the extra steps needed to clean them. While most people can have dental implants, there are some who may not be suited for implant placement. If you are dealing with an incomplete smile, and dentures or implants aren’t options for you, you can always talk to our dentist, Dr. Jorge de la Osa and his team of dentists about a dental bridge in Commerce, California.

A bridge is one or more prosthetic teeth used to fill in the open spaces in your dentition. A bridge is crafted from an impression of the affected area and is anchored in place to crowns on either end of the gap, or to dental implants. A bridge can be used to restore your ability to eat and speak, keep your remaining teeth in their proper alignments, improve your appearance, and to evenly distribute your bite force. Placing a bridge usually takes two appointments. During the first appointment, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth and prepare your teeth for crowns if needed. During the second appointment, the dentist will cement your bridge into place.

We would love to see you for an appointment to evaluate your situation and to help you decide if a bridge is right for you. To schedule your visit, give us a call today at 323.266.2120 and we can get started on your new smile!