A whitening treatment from your dentist can give you a smile that gets noticed.

Everyone wants a whiter smile. A short walk down the aisles of your local grocery, drug, or box store will give you the chance to choose from a multitude of gels, strips, rinses and kits that all claim that they will put the gleam in your grin. But truth be told, if you want a safe and effective way to get whiter teeth in Commerce, California, you should talk to our dentist, Dr. Jorge de la Osa and his team of dentists about the Zoom! teeth whitening process.

girl with a tooth color exampleYou only need to spend about an hour at Sunshine Dental Group for a Zoom! treatment. The dentist will first protect the soft tissues in and around your mouth. After applying the whitening gel to your teeth, the dentist will use the Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp to activate the gel. Oxygen interacts with the gel to break up the stains on your teeth. This is done in three 15-minute increments, and you will leave with a smile that will light up any room!

Your teeth can become discolored for a number of reasons. Tobacco use can stain your teeth, and once you have a whitening treatment, it may be a good time to think about kicking the habit. Dark colored foods and drinks can also darken your smile, so you should give that some thought when it is time for a meal or snack.

If you want a smile designed to impress, we would love to help! To make an appointment for a whitening treatment, give us a call today at 323.266.2120.