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Untreated cavities are often the result of an inattentive or inconsistent oral hygiene routine. If you further have a bad habit of skipping your dental checkups at Sunshine Dental Group an untreated area of tooth decay could exacerbate into a severe dental health problem.

In an instance such as this you might notice worsening tooth sensitivity and a building toothache. These are overt signals that the tooth needs professional treatment from an experienced dentist like Dr. Jorge de la Osa.

Treating a tooth in this dire condition might require him to perform a root canal. This will extricate all decayed dental structures as well as the original tooth enamel layer to create an abutment capable of mounting a dental crown.

If the bacterial presence extends beyond the sensitive core structures of the tooth to develop a pocket of infected fluid in the underlying periodontal tissues. This might cause a feeling of building pressure and pain in the surrounding periodontal tissues.

In a case like this he might need to drain the fluid inside the dental abscess. This is designed to alleviate the pressure and prevent the infection from passing to your blood stream.

Aftercare measures might include a prescription for pain medication and a course of antibiotics. These medications need to be taken at the stated times and dosages for maximum effect throughout the recovery process.

If you live in the Commerce, California, area and you have a severely distressed tooth, you should call 323.266.2120 to seek treatment at Sunshine Dental Group.