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The natural bacteria living in your mouth can pose a threat to the health of one or more teeth. This often comes in the form of tooth decay resulting from inconsistent daily oral hygiene practices. If you delay a checkup or treatment at Sunshine Dental Group, it increases your chances of the cavity growing too large to treat with a filling.

For a tooth in this condition, Dr. Jorge de la Osa will likely recommend a dental crown. This will replicate the entire tooth enamel layer and it is created from an alternate material such as base metals, porcelain, or gold. These materials are impervious to future tooth decay, helping you maintain the tooth’s presence in your mouth for many years to come.

After performing a thorough examination of the tooth, Dr. Jorge de la Osa will use a drill to remove the entirety of the tooth enamel. A detailed impression will be cast of the abutment and the surrounding teeth. This will be sent to a dental lab where your new crown will be made.

Dr. Jorge de la Osa will then secure a temporary crown over the abutment. This hard, plastic cap does not restore the full function of the tooth. It is only meant to protect the abutment while you wait for your new crown to be ready.

A second appointment will be required when your crown is ready. This will be brief as Dr. Jorge de la Osa simply needs to remove the temporary crown before using a strong dental adhesive to secure the new crown into place.

If you live in the Commerce, California, area and you have a tooth afflicted with a large cavity, you should call 323.266.2120 to have it treated at Sunshine Dental Group.